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Chapter 3: Life as Usual

Chapter 3: Life as Usual
Ch 3: Welcome to the Big City   |   Nov 15, 2009

ryank119 Nov 15, 2009 edit delete


      As you can see by the clever title, we are back to our main story arc and back to our usual update schedule (Sun Tue & Fri).

We are very excited for what is coming up. Mel and Foster are finally getting the hang of city life. Mel has a full time job in a computer parts sales company and Foster is content to stay at home with his new laptop he won mysteriously.

Things have not yet been patched up between Mel and Linus, who both brutally blackmailed each other in Chapter 2.
And what's happening with Merideth next door? Is she holding the poor, poor Mr. Fiddlesworth IV hostage? Why is she so creepy?

This and much more to be revealed in ...