030 - Shameless

030 - Shameless
Ch 11: The Canadians   |   Nov 20, 2012

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ryank119 Nov 20, 2012 edit delete


We posted this strip as part of our nomination push for the Smack Jeeves awards in 2013. I forget what ended up happening, but I don't think we won.

"Here is my bid for a nomination. A little backstory: I started City Folk on Smack Jeeves about 4 years ago now. It's a fantastic site for new creators to try out the craft without any risks. City Folk was nominated for most underrated (I think) webcomic and we came in second (I think, it's been a while now). It's been a few years since then and even though I have my own website now, I still regularly post on Smack Jeeves. I think we can do a bit better than second this time around ;)"